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by Candis_007
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5 months ago

Inherited a Saxopphone

As a newbie, I am confused. I inherited a saxophone from a great uncle and I can't seem to find make and model no. No serial # or anything. Just ingraved on it.


How do I find the make amd model of this sax?

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  1. by Ghostler
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    5 months ago

    Re: Inherited a Saxopphone

    Welcome to the forum!

    One thing I noticed is that the alto has the high F# key, so it is probably of later vintage after the 1950's. My pro model Yamaha YAS-61 alto from 1971 had the high F#.

    I'm wondering if the make and model were possibly silk screened (inked/painted) or as a decal on the body of the sax, which over time disintegrated or peeled off. It appears to have lost much of its lacquer or was never lacquered.

    You may want to make friends on . There's a number of professional repairers of saxophones who may be able to give you more information on your sax.

    Good luck!

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