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by sirlamda
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16 years ago

Different pad cup size for the same model ?

Hi everybody ! I've ordered and received a new Conn 6m pad set from MusicMedic : What a bad surprise : no one has the good size ; all the pad are a little bit larger (approx +2 mm) .... I've asked to Musicmedic but no answer....Where are they ?... I don't know ! I've sent four mails !!! Do you know if the cups of the Conn 6m have different sizes ? my horn is a 1940 VIII model and not a contemporary model.... Thank you for your knowledge...I would also have a explaination from MusicMedic....

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  1. by Tbone
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    16 years ago

    Re: Different pad cup size for the same model ?

    Pad cups on vintage Conns are all over the place. Never order sets without first measuring the cups. Measure the inside of each cup after pad removal and straightening (most accurate) or measure the outside of the cups and subtract 2mm.

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