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by daisygirl709
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18 years ago

All State Band Solo

Hi, I'm a senior this year, and I was wondering if anyone knew any good ideas for a solo for trying out for all state band. I played Sonata No. 6 in G Minor by Antionio Vivaldi, arranged by Sigurd Rascher last year. I'm looking for a challenging piece, but nothing impossible. A few ideas my lesson instructor gave me were: Pitt County Excursions by William Duckworth, Sonata by Robert Ehle, Sonata by Johann Galliard (arr. by Rascher), and Piece en Forme de Habanera by Maurice Ravel. I don't know how difficult any of these are. If you know anything about these pieces, or have any ideas for a different piece, the help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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  1. by barisax999
    (400 posts)

    18 years ago

    Re: All State Band Solo

    check out they rate their sheet music very reasonably. i liked the Lunde Sonata, its great for what your doing.

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  2. by jamterry
    (573 posts)

    18 years ago

    Re: All State Band Solo

    Your teacher will steer you right. I think Excursions by Duckworth sounds exciting :) Sounds like pop culture. I wish you all the best Daisy :) Terry

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    1. by Joe Hamilton
      (8 posts)

      18 years ago

      Re: All State Band Solo

      Hey im in the same boat, i am also auditioning accept in a different state, lol. They assign us an audition piece and i wish i could play my own, i have an excellent book full of advanced studies for saxophone. Its by H. Voxman. The book contains 24 pieces, in 12 major and 12 minor keys. So every song is in a different key. Email me and i will send you a picture of a few songs for free. Very good for an audition, and are challenging.

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  3. by Dark Eyes
    (138 posts)

    18 years ago

    Re: All State Band Solo

    I like Caprice en Forme de Valse by Bonneau (spelled right?). I think that it showcases your ability to keep tempo on your own since it is unaccompanied by piano. It is also a very challenging piece to be getting on with. I also like the Ibert solo, Concertino da Camera. I think that this is just a wonderful technical piece. Either one is a great pick but they are certainly not the only ones you should look at. By th way, what state are you auditioning for? I'm interested to know. Cheers, Dark Eyes (unloved thesis)

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