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New sax player: is this normal?

I recently picked up the alto sax in my high school music class (because my grandma asked me to lol) so I'm really really…

1 year ago
by Ghostler (12 posts)

What is the smallest curved soprano hard case?

I have a cannonball curved soprano . Looking for something to throw in the backpack.

3 years ago
by RyanCannonball (45 posts)

Saxophone for High school and beyond

Child has been playing for 5 years - using an american style horn right now. We are extremely restricted in our budget <…

3 years ago
by RyanCannonball (45 posts)

Airy, Spitty sound, difficult articulation

So I've been playing for nine years now, and I have just started having this problem here. I play alto, use a 3.5 Vandoren re…

4 years ago
by goodsaxvibes (1 post)

Hardest Piece

Like the topic says: the hardest piece for saxophone. I think from experience, I would say The Dahl (Sonata and Conecerto), D…

4 years ago
by alex rennie (1 post)


Hey guys, I would like to start playing the sax but my budget is pretty tight and I can't really afford an expensive instr…

5 years ago
by Arno11

Jim's list of "approved" saxophone brands

Antigua Winds Armstrong Borgani Buescher Bundy Buffet B&S Cannonball Cleveland (King) Conn Couf Dolnet Evette Schafer (Buffet…

5 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

1954 Buescher alto sax "Hat and Cane"

Hi, Im a highschool student and im interested in a new alto sax maybe this year or next. I found this 1954 buescher alto f…

5 years ago
by AlexEik

Solo Festival Song Selection Help?

So I have to play a solo for a festival and I'm having trouble finding a good piece. 
no replies by algaeman (1 post) 5 years ago

5 years ago
by algaeman

Looking to buy Cannonball Tenor: Need Help!

I am currently playing on a school bari sax and I feel that I am ready to advance my musical career by purchasing my own s…

6 years ago
by t.navrkal23

How to hold a saxophone

I'm in 10th grade and in a dispute with my director... do you hold the saxophone between your legs or on the side? Any commen…

6 years ago
by Cam (1 post)

Someone please help

So I’ve had my alto saxophone for a while, and there are these white-ish bump like things on the keys. I was wonderi…

6 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Flute to Tenor Sax Tips

I am switching from flute to tenor sax in highschool marching band for the lack of another tenor sax player. Our band dire…

6 years ago
by Cpack963

Marching/Band Camp Season. You Got a Beater for Field Use?

It is summer and the 8th graders headed to High School are all excited about the up coming marching season. And the parent…

6 years ago
by JonHuff (120 posts)

Buyer guide for High School Saxophone Players

First allow me to introduce myself:

I am a High School Senior who is now graduating to study music in college.…

6 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Best Saxophone method books and alike?

I'm in 8th grade looking for intermediate to professional level books, currently trying to master altissimo range, tone qu…

6 years ago
by historicsaxwhisperer (644 posts)

Sheet Music....... *.*

Does anyone know where i can get free sheet music.... or where i can buy them for under $2.... I'm looking for the Pink Panth…

7 years ago
by A&T&B sax (8 posts)

New Composition Guidelines - Reference Request


I have a friend who has created many compositions for college level students, but currently finds himsel…

7 years ago
by bjroosevelt

Sax Mouthpiece

I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for a good mouthpiece for a tenor sax, preferably that I can use with a…

7 years ago
by cynthiamyra (2 posts)

Selmer saxophones

My son wants a Selmer AS-600 alto saxophone.  USA prices are around $1200. I hear they can be purchased overseas much…

7 years ago
by Brockkyle

Continuing after High School Sax

I'm sure it's been asked before, but there are so many posts to look through, so I apologize if this is a recurring questi…

7 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)

Jazz Band & Arranging

So I started this sax trio composed of a Bari and 2 altos. So far we don't have squat. I really want to take off with this…

8 years ago
by kelsey (930 posts)


i play the Alto sax, and I've got my grade 7, and want to try a new saxophone, but I can't really spend more than £1…

8 years ago
by bandmates_think_im_Saxy (8 posts)

Which tenor sax is better?

I've recently signed up for a rent to own on a Buffet 100 for my son however he sent me a link on a Selmer STS280 that he…

8 years ago
by brinkey (2 posts)

Vintage pre-1920's in Concert Band (and everything else)?



8 years ago
by alex_punturi (1 post)
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