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by Rachael
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20 years ago

College Auditions

I'm looking to enroll in Eastern Michigan University for music ed and I would appreciate any helpful hints on an audtion process and what to know for it.

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  1. by wesmiller
    (55 posts)

    20 years ago

    Re: College Auditions

    Rachael: Just about everyone is going to want to hear 2-3 pieces of contrasting style. You've already started the Ibert, thats great ; now add one of the Bach flute Sonatas (trans). Maybe number 6. If you haven't done scale work start now. All 12 majors extended range using various types of articulations patterns (for ex: slur 2 tongue, tongue 2 slur two, etc), then hit the minors. But, at the very least get those major scales burning. Etudes. A good rule here is one slow and one fast. Rubank Selected Studies, Marcel Mule created a series of method books. Klose is good for technigue and speed, also a book by Berbigei (I slaughtered the spelling, I think). You'll be in Sinta country might not hurt to work out of the Larry Teal Saxphonists Workbook. Lastly, if you don't have a private teacher get one ASAP. Good Luck With Everything!

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