Teacher: Tommy Occhiuto
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Location San Mateo, CA 94401, USA
State/Province California
Country United States
Affiliation LIP music arts nonprofit, Stanford Jazz Workshop instructor.
Years Playing 25
Years Teaching 15
References Loyola University; Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes; The Upside Jazz Trio; H2O Orchestra; Vintage Music Collective; Baba Ken's Afro Beat Connection; 25+ private students all in their highest school ensemble.
Student Preferences Middle school students upwards. Beginning to advanced levels. All students are given plenty of material to practice, and are expected to do so between lessons.
Available Times Currently only Friday evenings/Saturday mornings available. This is subject to change during this transitional time in the beginning of the semester. Please contact me for more information.
Hourly Rate 70.00
Phone 504-352-1400
Other Comments I have been playing woodwinds/piano since age 11. I attended Loyola in New Orleans on a music scholarship where I was expected to play a doubling instrument proficiently as well as complete level 4 piano. I played flute in the top ensemble in college, and sax in the top jazz ensemble. Immediately after graduating I toured professionally with a band based out of New Orleans with whom I played flute, and sax. After hurricane Katrina I relocated to the bay area where I have been teaching and playing professionally since. I also teach music with a non-profit based out of East Palo Alto which brings instrumental music to the Ravenswood District Schools free of charge. Currently I am on staff at Stanford Jazz Workshop in both the Giant Steps, and summer workshop programs.

It is my goal to adapt to a student's learning style. I may use more contemporary methods/genres depending on the interests of a student. I will always insist that theory and terminology be studied during my lessons, although I try whenever possible to relate it to the music a student is currently interested in. My main goal is to create excitement in the early stages of musical development, and to revitalize developement in advanced stages to reach the highest potential and longest commitment. I understand young students can be overwhelmed with sports/school, but I expect all of my students to practice between lessons.

I currently have 25 private students studying piano, guitar, and/or woodwinds. Lesson times last between 30 to 55 minutes. If you would like to speak to a current student/parent of a student I would gladly relay their information to you.

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Tommy has taught my boys (ages 15 and 11) for the past 4 years.  Tommy has a passion for teaching, makes it fun for my kids, at the same time emphasizing the fundamentals of music.  My oldest son, who is in the high school jazz ensemble has excelled since being taught by Tommy (we went through 3 teachers before we found Tommy) and my youngest son, a 1st year sax player is just beginning to make strides.  I highly recommend Tommy.

10 years ago

Tommy has been teaching my son for two years.  He has an excellent grasp of jazz theory as well as other music genres.  His skill as a teacher is fantastic - patient, observant and encouraging.  He has tremendous command of his instrument and is keen on making certain that his students have command of theirs.  I highly recommend Tommy.


10 years ago

Tommy is a great teacher. I play the tenor saxophone, and he is making me a much better musician, and he is also very nice. I am in 8th grade, and because of him, I have been placed in combos with high school seniors in the Stanford Jazz Camp, and I have been awarded many soloist awards at jazz festivals.  

10 years ago

Tommy is a great teacher, he is helpful and understands music and how to teach it. After my first couple months with Tommy I am already so much better, now I can explain to my fellow bandmates how to do things. He is a awesome teacher.

10 years ago

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