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Miami University Saxophone Stu

Hey everyone. The Miami Univer

17 years ago
by straightj23 (103 posts)

Branger Reeds

i heard about the branger reed

17 years ago
by carltonjazz (25 posts)

Help!! Suggestion needed...

Hi, I'm currently giving less

17 years ago
by philly123 (2 posts)

Tanglewood summer program

Hi, I really want to audition

17 years ago
by saxplaya81 (110 posts)

Best classical saxophone piece

What are the best symphony pie

17 years ago
by OANegrin (26 posts)

Chamber works for clarinet(any

Does anybody know any chamber

17 years ago
by OANegrin (26 posts)

Ryo Noda's Improvisations

Does anybody know where I can

17 years ago
by zygurt (2 posts)

College Questions

I'm a junior in high school and am beginning to look for colleges. I've look at a couple(N.E. Conservatory, Mich. St., Uni. o…

17 years ago
by david kofi dogbe (1 post)

Dzubay's Saxophone Sonata

Hey guys, Its been a while s

17 years ago
by saximous86 (17 posts)

Quality Classical Tenor Mouthp

I'm looking for a killer class

17 years ago
by CountSpatula (602 posts)


I have been searching for some

17 years ago
by OANegrin (26 posts)

A good duets book

Im looking for an advanced cla

17 years ago
by Bibimbop (53 posts)

Soprano saxos available

I am selling my soprano saxos

17 years ago
by OANegrin (26 posts)

Anybody else using Reference 54 alto for legit playing?

Just curious if I'm the only one who prefers the Reference alto to the S80 horns for legit playing? I sold my Serie III and M…

17 years ago
by AHoffert (4 posts)

debussy's rhapsody

im working on debussy'r rhapso

17 years ago
by OANegrin (26 posts)

Original Debussy Rhapsodie

Hey, I'm looking for the origi

17 years ago
by OANegrin (26 posts)


I was wondering if anyone had

17 years ago
by jinhyung.ahn (6 posts)

Classical Ligature: Winlslow

I've heard so much talking and

17 years ago
by trahansax (16 posts)

Etude and Method Books

I want the run down on method and etude books I need to be a proficient classical player. Any suggestions will be greatly app…

17 years ago
by totzax (1 post)

Exercises for Wired Jaw

Hi everyone, I've been in an

17 years ago
by The Insomniac Saxman (141 posts)


Anybody want to throw me some

17 years ago
by barisax999 (400 posts)

Branford the classical player

So I got a free ticket to see Branford play with the Nashville Symphony next week. I wasn't going to pay for the concert but…

17 years ago
by johnsonfromwisconsin (767 posts)

Jaw problems

I'm a gigger in the NW. I've b

17 years ago
by hselmer9966 (31 posts)

New Players not paying Respect

Alright, Im going to start off

17 years ago
by jaylaczsax (4 posts)

Recordings of High School Contest Solos

Where can I find obsucre ones - like Undercurrent for Bari sax, etc...?

17 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)
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