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Saxophone Quartet

I have recently started up a quartet at our high school. So far we've got a bari, a tenor, and two altos. The group is not up…

18 years ago
by Elke (10 posts)

I need general advice

So I'm a sophmore in high school, I've been playing saxophone for 3 years, and have practically decided that I want to spend…

18 years ago
by Elke (10 posts)

Mouthpiece for a Buffet S1 French Sound

Hi, I'm looking for a nice, french conservatory style mouthpice for my buffet s1 alto. I've heard the Selmer LT mouthpieces…

18 years ago
by selmer 4evr (309 posts)

Kinda new(ish)

I was wondering what legit mouthpiece would be good to use in college? I've seen several brand names - Peter Ponzol, Larry Te…

18 years ago
by barisax999 (400 posts)

After Market Necks

hello everybody, ive been wanting to get a new neck for my sax but it seems that the only ones i can find are either the selm…

18 years ago
by Mlenox (36 posts)



18 years ago
by seitiluby (1 post)

Dahl Concerto

Hey, does anybody have a copy of the Dahl Concerto that they could scan/email or mail to me. I've been trying to obtain a cop…

18 years ago
by LASax (1 post)

Selmer classical metal C** mouthpiece....does it truly resemble Marcel mules mouthpiece?

hey, Ive been searching around to get a really good vintage or modern Clasical mouthpiece for my tenor (selmer C* just isnt c…

18 years ago
by Tenor_Guru (25 posts)

Incredible Legit Mouthpiece

Hi all, I'm on a quest for the best legit mouthpiece out there. Price does not matter---I will do what it takes to scrape up…

18 years ago
by spifster (67 posts)

Eugene Bozza

Anyone here ever played Improvisation Et Caprice?

18 years ago
by golferguy675 (600 posts)

Classic mouthpeice for cannonball madmeg tenor

I bought one of the new cannonball mad meg tenor saxophone not to long ago. it has a good open tone with my 95 facing berg la…

18 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

buy what sax

I bought a selmer la voix, is it a good sax or not need help

19 years ago
by connsaxman_jim (2336 posts)

what is wrong?????

i am a junior in high school, i play a cannonball bigbell pro that i bought last spring, and for some reason i am getting thi…

19 years ago
by mattMrozinski (35 posts)

Selmer ref. 54 model 74 Vs Keliworth shadow

well, im finally looking in to getting my own saxophone because the yamaha yts-54 isnt cutting it. For a while now ive been t…

19 years ago
by Gooshbanshee (24 posts)

Sonata Recording

I was wondering if anyone had come across a recording of Cecil Leeson's Sonata for Alto Saxophone? Thanks!

19 years ago
by forrestf (1 post)


well, Ive searched the website for hours and have a pretty good grasp on things, but I still was wondering what people that a…

19 years ago
by Ender (5 posts)


This might be a hard question to answer but you know how the bottom of your lungs can hold more air.... well i cant seem to f…

19 years ago
by Sax Mom (964 posts)


i have an audition for an honor band in the couple months and i need to find the music, it is the bach/mule Sonata No. 4. Doe…

19 years ago
by cjbass (14 posts)

Saxophone concertos

I would like to get some information from everyone out there about saxophone literature. What are you favorite pieces? Do you…

19 years ago
by phathorn (165 posts)

Center of Sound

what is the "center" of the sound? With old mouthpieces, I hear the sound isn't concentrated. Is it a slight vibration above…

19 years ago
by Leigh812 (4 posts)

ahh high notes

I'm working on some pieces for all-state and every high not past the high c is flat and well there are a lot of high notes in…

19 years ago
by saximous86 (17 posts)

FOR THE SELMER JUNKIES! Refrence 54 a good sax

I play selmer and selmer only (tenor, alto, and soprano) and im looking in getting a new tenor. thats where the ref. 54 comes…

19 years ago
by Gooshbanshee (24 posts)


Hello, Does anyone know anything about- Bozza: Fantasie Italiene I'm not sure what it was originally for (basoon?) and I can…

19 years ago
by SaxMan (559 posts)

The best TENOR saxophone mouthpiece for classicle playing

I was looking for a reallly reallly good mouthpiece for classical current set up is a selmer C* with a Vandoren op…

19 years ago
by Tully (49 posts)

middle school sax site

does anyone now why this site doesnt have middle school discusions. i meen they have high school discusions, so why cant we h…

19 years ago
by saxjunkie89 (393 posts)
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