DUKOFF Metal Zimberoff Hollywood In Original Box (Serial Number: 167) Back to model

This is an extremely rare, original silver plated Zimberoff Hollywood, serial number 167. This piece is the real deal, and one of the rarest metal Dukoff-produced mouthpieces ever made. It is an original 7*, measuring just a hair over .100”. It comes with a fitting Selmer Paris 404 lig and cap set, and in its original box, with the matching serial number.

This mouthpiece is in outstanding original condition. There is very little wear to the finish, and the tip and rails are clean. This is an incredible player with a big powerful sound, great vintage Dukoff piece.

Manufacturer: DUKOFF
Model: Zimberoff Hollywood
Date Manufactured: 1950's
Serial: 167
Contributed By: saxquest.com