OTTO LINK New York Slant Signature 7* Tenney Custom (Serial Number: 016) Back to model

This mouthpiece is the real deal! It's a NY Otto Link Slant Signature 7* (tip opening of .105") piece for the tenor sax. This piece is in mint-ish physical condition and has been perfected by Paul "Doc" Tenney!

The only wear to be found on this mouthpiece is a couple light scratches on top from a ligature. Even most of the lettering remains intact with very little fading. There are no deep scratches anywhere, the bite plate looks perfect, and the tip and rails also look brand new. These vintage NY Slants simply do not come in better condition than this!

Manufacturer: OTTO LINK
Model: New York Slant Signature
Date Manufactured: Late 1930's
Serial: 016
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