SELMER Short Shank Soloist E Back to model

Here is a vintage Selmer Paris Soloist hard rubber mouthpiece for the Alto sax. The piece is manufactured in the short shank style, and stamped with an ‘E’ facing, features a tip opening measuring out to .077’’. 

Despite this mouthpiece’s age, its condition is immaculate, as it appears to be extremely lightly played. Very little damage is present, as a light body scratch and some very minute bite plate wear are the piece’s only physical ailments.

Selmer’s Soloist mouthpieces are known for possessing a dark and yet versatile sound, as they’re great classical players, all the while offering a jazz player a means of achieving a unique sophistication. This soloist certainly follows this trend as its response is great, with a colorful tone, round and darkened. One should definitely not overlook this versatile, beautiful sounding player.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Short Shank Soloist
Date Manufactured:
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