SELMER Lacquer Super Balanced Action Tenor (Serial Number: 43359) Back to model

This Selmer Paris saxophone was built in October of 1951. This was a particularly defining time for the Selmer company as they were launching the NEW Super Balanced Action model of saxophone. This was the first Selmer to feature off-set key work between the right and left hand which would propell Selmer to become the undisputed leader in the saxophone market for the rest of the century.

There's good reason that the majority of the contemporary tenor player's began using Selmer saxophones in the late 40's and early 50's. The Selmer Super Balanced tenor generates great projection and resonance while maintaining a core sound that is not too spread but still allows great flexibility in terms of tone shaping.

This particular tenor has 95+% of the original lacquer still intact and is in excellent physical condition. There are no past damage repairs and NO resolder joints. The original neck is stamped with the matching serial number and has only a very slight fracturing of the lacquer on the side of the neck.

It is absolutely gorgeous with rich ornate floral engraving that blankets the entire bell and half of the bottom bow. This horn is truly a work of art, and extremely rare to find in this condition.

 The key height is moderately-open through out the right and left hand stacks with the bell keys being slightly more open. The horn has a fast response that allows the player to easily shape the sound.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1950-1951
Serial: 43359
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