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This is a beautiful, original lacquer Selmer Super Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number 42692. This tenor looks about as nice as they come, with minimal lacquer wear as seen in the photos.

The original lacquer on this tenor is beautiful and remains about 95% intact. Physically it is pristine, with no dents or dings, and no resoldered joints. There are no signs of any previous repairs ever. The bell flare, bottom bow and bell-to-body brace (the usual problem spots) are 100% perfect.

The neck on this tenor was hand-selected at the factory by Selmer's top WWII era repair tech, Eric Brands. Although the number is a few hundred digits off from the body tube (43019) its a perfect sonic match and the only neck that has ever been with this tenor according to the original owner.

This is the vintage SBA sound, the perfect blend of power and character. You can push this horn as hard as you can, and immediately pull it back to a soft, melodic voice, it is that responsive. As dynamic a horn as you will find anywhere, and a true joy to play.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1950
Serial: 42692
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