SELMER Super Balanced Action (Serial Number: 53864) Back to model

This is a very pretty original lacquer Super Balanced Action tenor sax, 53864. The pictures can hardly begin to do this horn justice as the original lacquer is superb condition. This horns engraving also looks quite pristine, the designs are still very sharp and well defined looking across the bell. The body of the instrument has seen no major damage in the past. Its bottom bow had previously been slightly pushed in but is now back in its true position. The bell flair was previously pulled down a little but has also been brought back to its true position.

All of the keys, posts and guards on this horn are original as well as the neck. The neck with matching serial number stamp is also in very good condition. It shows no signs of ever being pulled down or damaged in the past. This horn still has a large number of its original pads and resonators.

The late vintage SBA tenors are amazing horns to play. They have a great full resonating sound with a nice warm spread.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Super Balanced Action
Date Manufactured: 1953
Serial: 53864
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