SML Gold Lacquer Rev. C (Serial Number: 7761) Back to model

This is a very pretty original lacquer SML Rev. C tenor saxophone from late 1949, serial #7761.  We do not see a large number of Rev. C's  these days so it is a nice treat to get one this pretty. Like any classic vintage saxophone it has some modest cosmetic play wear. But it has never had any serious repair and has received zero re-solders. The body tube, bow and bow cap are all in terrific condition. Its original neck is also in superb condition and has never been pulled down. This saxophone does feature rolled tone hole construction and a very cool adjustable G# lever. The lever moves and allows you to play the saxophone with or with out an articulated G# key.  

Manufacturer: SML
Model: Rev. C
Date Manufactured: 1949
Serial: 7761
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