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This is a nearly new Selmer Reference 36 tenor saxophone, serial number 627454. Fashioned after the vintage Selmer Balanced Action horns, the Ref 36 has quickly become a favorite among classical and jazz saxophonists.

This horn is in nearly perfect condition. The lacquer is 99.9% intact. The only wear is a couple light surface scratches. The sax has seen almost no playing time, and the pads are like-new.

The sax plays with a slightly punchier kind of sound, with a very warm, slightly dark tonal center. It features excellent projection and carrying power, especially when you really push some air through the horn. This horn is priced over $1000 under the best discounted price of a new one that you can find, and will not be in the shop for long.

Manufacturer: SELMER
Model: Reference
Date Manufactured: 2000-2013
Serial: 627454
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