YANAGISAWA Prima - Silver Plate low A bari (Serial Number: 01276592) Back to model

This is an incredible vintage Yanagisawa “Prima” low A baritone saxophone, serial number 01276592. This horn is in a gorgeous silver plate and has received a full regulation and set up back in 2005 by the Saxquest shop. It is in top physical and playing condition.

This sax looks fantastic. The silver plating is in excellent condition, with very little wear. There are no dents, no dings, and no resolders anywhere. The original neck does have some finish wear on one side, but it too is in excellent physical shape. There are a few very minor scratches on the back side of the bottom bow.

This horn can generate some sound! It has a full “meaty” sound, especially down in the lower register. A great build quality on this instrument! Intonation is very accurate. It has an even tone across all registers and can really fill up a room.

Manufacturer: YANAGISAWA
Model: 6 series
Date Manufactured: 1976
Serial: 01276592
Contributed By: saxquest.com